Why fixing my wild-life pond is on hold…

The thing about consciously gardening for wild-life is…well, wild-life. Like the quote from Field of Dreams. ‘If you build it they will come’… As soon as we create space for wild-life to thrive, it will arrive without invitation and make it’s home in that niche. It will bring it’s friends, it will bring it’s enemies,Continue reading “Why fixing my wild-life pond is on hold…”

Potting on: sunflower seedlings

Sixteen days ago, my glamorous assistant (my wee mum!) and I sowed 50 ancient old sunflower seeds in  close drills in a single seed tray, assuming a really low germination rate due to the age of the seeds. Lo and behold, 41 out of 50 popped their little heads up! Despite the dizziness of myContinue reading “Potting on: sunflower seedlings”

Mystery of the pear tree

About seven years ago, maybe slightly longer, I planted 3 patio pear trees (on dwarf root-stock, which means they wont ever grow taller than myself or thereabouts) alongside some cherry, apple and plum. I chose dwarf and semi dwarf root-stock for the cherry and pears so that they wouldn’t grow so tall that it wouldContinue reading “Mystery of the pear tree”