Slow observations


Over the weekend I developed vertigo due to some crazy inner ear dramarama called vestibular neuritis. The first thing I knew was when I woke up and the world started spinning really fast. Quite literally out of the blue. Thankfully it is a temporary virus that will clear up on it’s own. But it has slowed me down;  I have to move my head slowly or the roller-coaster starts again. Medical advice is to keep moving, so that the inner ear recalibrates itself. Silver linings: a glorious excuse for a long, slow social distancing walk up the country lanes on a beautiful sunny lunchtime.


Slowing down gives the brain more time to experience it’s surroundings and today I wanted to check out the grass verges on the edges of the fields and lanes to see how the diversity of the ‘edge’ is developing. If you remember, a fair few blog posts ago I was discussing a permaculture observation where edge states are where a lot of magic happens; in a garden setting where edge of a garden path and garden bed can host the most diversity (or weeds!),  and the edge of a grass verge meeting road similarly biodiverse.


Fortunately there is no grim strimming going on along the lanes, the diversity is fantastic and in the coming weeks and months will be a brilliant outdoor classroom for learning and relearning our native wild-flowers. Fingers crossed that during the lock-down  the verges in all the town and cities get a break from strimming and spraying and the dormant seeds get a chance to actually turn into plants.


It was so wonderful to visit this hollow trunk from an old tree that is slowly being canniblised by the plants and wildlife around it, I wonder if it is home to the owl I hear twit-twooing at night?








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passionate about permaculture, interested in sharing my experiences of designing my allotment using permaculture principles

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