Sunflower joy

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” Cicero

I thought it might be nice for new gardeners to marvel with me at the rapid and astonishing transformation from seed to seeding for this years sunflowers.

Recap: We sowed 50 old sunflower seeds on 7th of April. We were expecting patchy to poor germination, 41 out of 50 seedlings germinated!

5 days later, On Easter Sunday the first signs of life started to appear..

Day 5

A few days later they pushed up with such force they disturbed the soil, little mini eruptions of green.

Day 6

By the 14th they had all popped up, some slower to cast off the seed husk than others

Day 9

By the 21st they started to outgrow their nursery seed tray

Day 14

And by the 22nd we potted them on into individual pots

Day 15

Today they are over 20cm tall

IMG_20200427_173713285_HDR (1)
Day 20

Such extraordinary transformation for 20 days…No wonder sunflower seeds are so nutritious…

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passionate about permaculture, interested in sharing my experiences of designing my allotment using permaculture principles

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