Hardening off seedlings

Since Beltane, all my seedlings have exponentially shot up in their seed trays and pots. This is due to both the increase in temperature and the daily, incremental changes in the length of daylight. In some cases, this quite literally happens overnight! A few blog posts ago we discussed ‘potting on’, which is the processContinue reading “Hardening off seedlings”

Gardening & Well-Being

Happy Beltane! Already that is us equidistant between Spring Equinox & Summer Solstice. Anticipate rapid growth from here on in! I cant remember what I used to do with my time before being entirely seduced by gardening. Or how I saw the world without the gardener goggles of weather, season, planning, joyful anticipation and sorrowfulContinue reading “Gardening & Well-Being”